Hotel 81 Singapore and Its Excellent Proximity to Great Places

Hotel 81 Singapore is available in several spots. One of them is nearby Changi Airport. Of course, this hotel is the favorite place for single travelers who just arrived at Changi and need to reach the airport easier when they go back to their homelands.  

Astonishingly, there are affordable hotels in this city, especially the hotel 81 chains.  Besides, many people still consider this place one of the most recommended hotels for their Staycation Singapore plan.

Things That Make Hotel 81 Singapore at Changi Special

This hotel has lots of things that are so great. Of course, as the name implies, it is close to Changi Airport. But, the proximity to the airport isn’t the only specific thing about this hotel. The airport is only 10 kilometers away. But there is another airport that is also easy to reach. This hotel is also close to Seletar Airport that is only 11 kilometers away.

Some business districts are within walking distance. This hotel is very close to the suburb area, where people can reach the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre as well as the Changi Business Park. Other reachable places include Jinmin Clinic that is as far as 20 meters, Orchard Road that reaches 8 kilometers, as well as 7 Eleven. This convenience store is only 110 meters away.

Cash withdrawal is also very easy to reach as there is an ATM that is only 270 meters. There are lots of ATMs from various banks so people can conveniently make some withdrawals during an emergency.

No wonder this hotel is also the best choice for a staycation. Even native Singaporeans find it necessary to stay here for finishing their business-related matters as soon as possible. They can reach other places comfortably, thanks to its strategic location near the Kembangan MRT station. Another MRT station is Eunos MRT Station that is as far as 970 meters.

Excellent Nearby Places

For those who might want to shop nearby, without taking any taxi to Orchard Road, they won’t find difficulties in finding lots of stores around Hotel 81 Singapore.  Some stores around the hotel include Decathlon that becomes the biggest sporting goods store, and other smaller stores in the Bedok neighborhood, and Chai Chee Technopark. They are reachable by train and bus.

Comprehensive Facilities

For a perfect Staycation Singapore plan, this hotel is indeed excellent. Each room has complimentary Wi-Fi with high-speed access. They also have cable TV for the sake of guests’ entertainment and business purposes.

There is also an electronic safe, a mini-fridge as well as facilities for coffee and tea making. Each room has drinking water and also complete amenities for each bathroom like a hairdryer, toiletries, and a bathtub.

Besides, this hotel has onsite restaurants with a massive array of local cuisines. They include some Halal foods, Hokkien mee, chicken rice, and so forth. The fact is that Hotel 81 Singapore is indeed the most outstanding hotel with complete facilities that everyone can afford.